A War Z Cheat – What You Can Do

The Best WarZ Cheat Features you'll find..

Cheating in The War Z is a great way to have more fun playing the game without the frustration of not knowing your surroundings. Where-ever you go in the game there is always the risk of being killed by another player. Jogging or runnning in the game is incredibly risky as it makes you an easy target, so the most careful players spend hours crouched or prone, constantly watching their surroundings for any players nearby.

With a War Z cheat you don’t need to worry about that. You’ll always see nearby items, zombies and players displayed with brightly colored ESP that shows their exact position relative to you.

By using a cheat in The War Z you go from the hunted to the hunter as soon as the hack loads. You’ll never be snuck up on again without knowing about it. You’ll always have enough food, drink, and medical equipment provided that you scavenge in any city or town you pass by. You’ll never be caught unawares by a player or zombie in the dark.

With a cheat for WarZ, hunt down players that are unlucky enough to come into range. With essential information like player health you can easily stalk players and kill them before they even see you.

Another amazing feature of this War Z hack is the Unlimited Stamina feature. As a warz player you’ve no doubt gotten tired of having to stop or slow down every minute or so while traveling, waiting for your stamina to recharge. Stamina is even more essential when running from zombies or players. With the Unlimited Stamina hack you’ll never be caught by zombies or players with melee weapons ever again and can travel at a far greater speed over a long distance.

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