The WarZ ESP Hack

The Key Visual Hack

If you’re tired of being killed by zombies you never even saw or sniped in a second by a player that spent the last 2 hours camping the town you just entered, getting a hack for The War Z may seem like a very rational idea. If you’re interested in cheating in The War Z, an ESP hack is one of the key features that will benefit you the most.

ESP hacks (extra sensory perception) allow you to see objects in your environment, identified. These can be items in The War Z, along with players and zombies. Types of ESP include box ESP (boxes drawn around players and objects), name esp (showing the name of the player or item) health ESP (that shows health amount) and many others.

Item ESP

Use Item ESP to find items easily while scavenging. While the game only sends item data up to a range of around 30m, this hack ensures you never miss a single gun or magazine that was hidden a little out of sight. I’ve seen players walk right past a car with a gun inside that I could see from across the street. Item ESP can also let you find items that have glitched into the environment. If a player dies next to a wall, their items may end up inside the wall where other players won’t find them. You’ll have no trouble looting when you come along!

Zombie ESP

ESP for zombies is key when preparing to attack a player, or while scavenging. If you’re moving towards a player, the last thing you need is a zombie chasing after you. When you’re in town looking for items, knowing where zombies are will let you better avoid them, or run into a building with a zombie just behind a wall. In both cases the Zombie ESP hack will show you the exact locations of zombies and allow you to avoid them.

Player ESP

This is the ultimate type of ESP, and is key for living a long life in Colorado. If you’re anywhere near a town or point of interest, other players are usually near by, and ESP is key for either avoiding them or taking them out. ESP gives you a distinct advantage, even the smartest player, camping with a sniper on top of a hill can be snuck up on, or killed with a good shot from the foliage. Player ESP with health bars and other information lets you engage players intelligently and get the first shot.

WarZ Hack Download

The features don’t end there. Our WarZ Hack has a whole host of features including an in-game menu. Other features include unlimited stamina and 3D tactical view which are hugely helpful and give you a massive advantage when playing. Get our War Z Hack now!