Top 5 Tips for War Z Hacking

Key Strategy Advice for Hacking in The War Z

  1. Customize your hack features. Just because the hack has multiple options does not mean you have to use them all. Some ESP features might mean more text on your screen you don’t actually need to see. Disabling ESP features in particular can help to surface the information you need while hiding extra text that only gets in the way.
  2. Don’t Be Afraid of Zombies. If you’re scavenging items you’re sure to see tons of zombies in your vicinity with the ESP feature. Sneaking around zombies often takes far too long, and it’s easier to let them chase you while you loot items. The Unlimited Stamina Hack means you don’t need to worry about them catching you as long as you continue moving. Enabling Item ESP is key and ensures that you will be able to see item names from a ways away without having to enter each building to see to check for loot.
  3. Don’t Be Afraid of Melee Weapon Players. When players are near, check whether they are using melee weapons or ranged weapons. If they are using melee weapons you don’t have much to be worried about, since your infinite stamina hack gives you an advantage in running away from them. It’s usually best to focus on players with guns as they are almost guaranteed to have both ammo and guns – which are more valuable than just about anything else.
  4. Engage other players tactically. When you start using the hack you can immediately see the locations of all nearby players, which you could not before. It’s important to use this information intelligently and not run around like an idiot. The first step is to check whether players are using melee weapons or guns. They’re only a threat if they’re using a gun, but in that case you need to be extra careful. If someone is staying in one spot, it’s worth taking the time to get around behind them to ensure you have the biggest advantage in combat possible.
  5. Hide in Foliage. While grass and bushes can be a huge pain in the arse when playing without cheats, when your ESP is loaded grass and shrubbery are no problem. They’re perfect for shooting through while hiding your position. With ESP you can easily see player information through shrubs and shoot or lock on with the aimbot through them.

Put These Tips Into Action!

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